Monday, 3 December 2012

Review: Primark Foundation and Concealer brush

Hello lovelies, recently I went into Primark just to have a look and I noticed that they now do make-up brushes, I was a bit curious as to what they were like considering they were around £1.50 each, so I bought their double-ended foundation and concealer brush and decided to do a little review.

Also I was attracted to the bright pink brushes! (^o^;)
So how do I rate it?
1. Price 5/5
2. Look 4/5
3. Quality 4/5
4. Application 4/5
Would I recommend this product? YES!!
Firstly I must comment on the price, it is so cheap at £1.50 I didn't really run the risk of wasting money if it wasn't any good, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this! The bristles of the brushes are super soft and gentle on your skin, giving you an easy application of your foundation and concealer. Also it's handy having the brush double-ended instead of having 2 separate brushes to carry around so that's a very convenient aspect too. I'm very glad that I purchased this and would deffinately recommend this to anyone looking to get a new foundation brush.
Lots of love, Laura xx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

1ST UK Kuro-Gyaru Meet Up

Last Saturday I went to the 1st kuro gyaru meet up in London and met some wonderful people, I had such a great time. I went along with my boyfriend and met with a couple of friends interested in the fashion, we met with the group (who all look so gorgeous and amazing) and went to the purikura booth in Chinatown. We hung around there for a little while waiting for a few people and then took some purikura photos!

They look like little postage stamps of kawaii insanity...
Then we went to Tokyo Diner for some lunch which was nice, I didn't think we would all fit in though as the place is a little cosy but I liked the authentic Japanese feel of the place. I only had something small as I had eaten some noodles before I went out, I had a side of chicken *something* age which resembled something like kfc fried chicken, well I guess the Japanese 'age' does translate to fried! Here we met up with the lovely Photographer Anne Laymond who took some awesome photos of us throught the day.
After lunch, Anne took some photos with us!
The gang ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ
All credit goes to Anne Laymond, here's the album on facebook;
Agepoyo!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
After taking photos in Chinatown we went for bubble tea at Bubbleology. I've never been to this place and it's got a unique scientific feel there but I prefer the bubble tea at Boba Jam. I had the strawberry tea which tasted a little strange in my opinion but I guess it's all personal taste.
Then we went to an arcade and played some games there, I played DDR, it was fun!
Shun and RivRiv <3

Jessica <3 on the ParaPara machine!
We then went to Japan Centre (one of my fave shops) and had a look at the gyaru magazines, my favourite is Egg but they had sold out >.< that issue had a cool d.i.a mirror. I also like Mens Egg now, thanks to Faust letting me have a look in his ^__^ I like the hentai!
Afterwards we went for coffee at Costa, I had hot chocolate!
Yum yum...
Gyaru spirit!
Me and my Boyfriend (´∀`)♡
It was pretty late so people had to go home </3 but I had such a lovely day with amazing people, I hope for there to be more meet ups like this in the near future!
I think I like the Gal lifestyle, it's all about having fun, expressing yourself, friendship, fashion and enjoying your life.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Gal highstreet co-ords

I thought I'd just do a quick post on some Gyaru style co-ords that I created using the UK high-street store New Look. Just to let you know, I'm in no way connected to the store or paid for advertising etc.
I have gone for a rocku inspired look for this coming autumn. Here is my first outfit!
This edgy outfit would be perfect for a day of shopping with friends but can be worn on many occasions. Stay warm with this cool furry leopard print coat!
And the next outfit...
Again this is a casual look, teaming a loose tassle poncho with bleached fur trim shorts. The accessories tie in with the rocku feel.
Next outfit...

This is more of a night time outfit but could also be worn in the day for a dramatic style. The 'point of fashion' here are the gold zip details which co-ordinate the outfit together. The shorts add a splash of colour.

And the last outfit...

 This outfit could also be worn in the evening, perhaps to a rock concert. The gold chain belt and gold spike bracelet make the co-ord more gal, whilst combining it with a dark rock edge.

And that's it! Hope you liked these outfits and got some ideas, just wanted to show you how easy it is to find Gal outfits on the high-street.
Here's a link to the New Look website; but there are many stores which have suitable Gal clothing, just have a look!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hand-made Lolita, chu octopus and bunny nails!

Bit of an odd title ^^ but couldn't think of what else to call this post as that's basically what it will be about! Lately I have been a bit creative and have been making things after a long time of not making anything, I really want to start regularly making things and even would like to start my own online shop. After searching for a Wa Lolita (yukata inspired lolita outfit) and being unable to find one, I decided to try and make my own, with the help of my lovely nan who is great at sewing. I got the materials from Hobbycraft which were not cheap and I even got my fabric in the clearance -_-; I think there was only 2.6 meters left of the fabric I wanted but thought I would make a whole dress from, silly me as I was unable to make a Wa Lolita outfit as they have sleeves!! So ended up making a skirt, obi belt, bag and headbow which I'm quite pleased with, here's some pictures....

I feel proud as this is my first outfit I've made. ^_-
For the top half I will use my Bodyline blouse and pink cardigan until I get more of the fabric and make the kimono-style top half!

Also here are some really cute octopus plushes I will be making more of, I call them chu octopus as their mouth looks like they're kissing! I'm thinking of customising them a bit and perhaps selling cos they're just so adorable...

chuuuu (*3*)

And lastly some nails I made...

Please mind that these are stuck on with blu-tac as I'm trying to grow my own nails!

Also when I went into London with my Boyfriend, I picked up an issue of Ageha magazine at Japan Centre! :3

It was very windy and raining heavy that day but still had a lovely time

Mata ne!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Asian skin care products and Hime Gyaru

It has been a while since I last posted, I have been a little distracted...

But also I haven't been inspired to write about anything lately, hopefully I will be able to start writing more as I want to keep this blog updated regularly!

I decided to purchase some asian skin care products, I'm excited to try them out, especially the SK-II samples. Here's what I got (bought from Ebay)...

From left to right;
1. Beauty friends sheet mask - Aroma
2. Ebaife Vitamin C moisturising facial mask
3. EyeCrea anti-wrinkle eye mask
4. SK-II samples; Facial treatment cleanser x3, Signs nourishing cream and De-wrinkle essence x2

So far I have only tried the SK-II products for 2 days and so far am pleased with them, I have even ordered some more. I'm happy I can get samples of this brand as I currently can't afford the full-size products, very expensive brand!! -_-;
Also I think next I will try some My Beauty Diary face masks as my skin needs attention, I have been neglecting it for a while and it's not in the best condition. I'm interested in trying other asian skin care products, if anyone can recommend anything that would be great!

Another thing which has been on my mind is Hime gyaru style. As you know I love Lolita fashion and now I'm discovering more Japanese styles and am branching out, particularly to Gyaru. I have noticed a lot of other girls seem to enjoy both styles and I think it's great to not be too ridgid in sticking to one particular fashion. This style is very new to me so I'm experimenting with make-up and hair, it's a lot of fun but much more high-maintenance than I'm use to. I want to buy clothes from brands such as La Parfait, Jesus Diamante, Liz Lisa, Mar*s and Dream v but will most likely have to use an international shipping service once I've saved up enough money. I don't just want to be a brand-whore though xD so I think off-brand clothes are great, it's fun to try and find Hime-esque clothes in shops such as H&M and Primark, also sometimes second hand shops. I also want to be more creative and start customising things, adding bows and lace to an item of suitable clothing can make it Hime-esque.

Himena Osaki - Inspiration <3

Other inspirations for me are from reading other blogs, particularly Sui Princess and Starr Princess. Both are Gaijin (not Japanese) Hime gyaru and show that you can still pull off the style and look great even as a westerner, it annoys me that some people think if you are this style then you are trying to be Japanese or don't look as good, I completely disagree!
*Current Obsession: Pet Society and Poupee Girl*


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hyper Japan and Hime style nails

Hey, so sorry it's been a while, please forgive me!! chuuu (*3*)

As you may know Hyper Japan expo starts this Friday ^^ and runs until Sunday, I will be attending on the Saturday dressed in Lolita. I can't wait to go and hopefully will meet with some other Lolita's and buy some nice things, oh and I'll take pictures and post them on here... hopefully they wont come out blurry like they usually do >.>
I'm really excited that Baby the Stars Shine Bright will have a stall there, I hope I can afford something and I'll also be watching the fashion show and traditional Japanese dance. I will also have to check out Tofu Cute's stall as they have such kawaii things, I want to buy it all!

Secondly, I'd like to show you some nails I made yesterday. They're hime style and they will go with my Lolita outfit for Hyper. They took me half an hour to make with some swearing included!

I call these.... 
Hime Bubble nails!
To make them I used short false nails and painted them pink with Nails Inc polish in Warwick Avenue, after they dried I applied a top-coat of Bourjois 1 Seconde purple glitter polish. I used basic nail glue to attach the pearls, crystals and bows, I hope to make more nail art designs as it's quite fun. =3

And I leave you with this lovely perverted video!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Poupee girl - Outfit of the day and mini haul

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl    My outfit of the day, mostly purple and pastel themed! <3

And here's a mini haul...

1. Hello kitty hat I got in the sale, it's for a child so it will go on my panda plushie ^^. Also sweets themed earrings - Claire's accessories £3 and £1.50
2. Pantene hair treatment and hair elastics - Superdrug £1.50 and 80p
3. Pink kawaii tofu phone holder - online £2.50
4. Skinny jeans - New look £9.99
5. White bow over knee socks - Primark £1 reduced
6. Garnier dark blonde hair dye - Superdrug £4.99
7. Zipper Japanese magazine - online from the lovely Christy ^^ £3

It may be snowing tomorrow, need to stay warm!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Year of the Dragon Inspired Make-up Tutorial

First of all I'd like to say Happy Chinese New Year, I know it's late, sorry! Now that it is year of the dragon I have been inspired to do a little make-up look which is very oriental, using golds and red. Hope you enjoy this look as much as I do!

What I used...

1. Rimmel lipstick in Holler
2. Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner in black
3. Mac Mineralize blush in Dainty
4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Vanille Clair
5. Benefit Stay don't stray Primer
6. Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Translucent
7. Unbranded eyeshadow pallette

Step 1. Apply conceler and foundation as normal, I have used Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanille Clair and Benefit's Stay don't stray primer as my eye primer and conceler but you can use whatever you prefer. I then set my make-up with Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Translucent and applied Mac Mineralize blush to my cheeks.


Step 2. Next, I applied a pale gold eyeshadow (number 1.) over the whole of my lid, focusing on the inner corner of the eye so it's like a highlight. You can apply the same colour to your brow bone to create a highlight here also. Then apply a slightly darker gold (number 2.) to 1/3 of your eyelid, leaving the previous colour on the inner corner. Then blend the outer half of the eyelid with a darker gold shade (number 3.). Finally, use a very rich gold/bronze colour (number 4.) for the outer corners of the eyelids, you don't need to blend this as you want it to look bold.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, I couldn't get good lighting!

Step 3. Line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner in black and extend the line from the outer corners like a flick to create a cats eye shape. Then apply your mascara. You can also apply false lashes if you prefer, for a more dramatic look.


Step 4. Apply red lipstick to your lips and you're done!

Hope you liked this very simple make-up look, let me know if there's any other looks you would like me to experiment with!