Monday, 3 December 2012

Review: Primark Foundation and Concealer brush

Hello lovelies, recently I went into Primark just to have a look and I noticed that they now do make-up brushes, I was a bit curious as to what they were like considering they were around £1.50 each, so I bought their double-ended foundation and concealer brush and decided to do a little review.

Also I was attracted to the bright pink brushes! (^o^;)
So how do I rate it?
1. Price 5/5
2. Look 4/5
3. Quality 4/5
4. Application 4/5
Would I recommend this product? YES!!
Firstly I must comment on the price, it is so cheap at £1.50 I didn't really run the risk of wasting money if it wasn't any good, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this! The bristles of the brushes are super soft and gentle on your skin, giving you an easy application of your foundation and concealer. Also it's handy having the brush double-ended instead of having 2 separate brushes to carry around so that's a very convenient aspect too. I'm very glad that I purchased this and would deffinately recommend this to anyone looking to get a new foundation brush.
Lots of love, Laura xx

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