Wednesday, 3 October 2012

1ST UK Kuro-Gyaru Meet Up

Last Saturday I went to the 1st kuro gyaru meet up in London and met some wonderful people, I had such a great time. I went along with my boyfriend and met with a couple of friends interested in the fashion, we met with the group (who all look so gorgeous and amazing) and went to the purikura booth in Chinatown. We hung around there for a little while waiting for a few people and then took some purikura photos!

They look like little postage stamps of kawaii insanity...
Then we went to Tokyo Diner for some lunch which was nice, I didn't think we would all fit in though as the place is a little cosy but I liked the authentic Japanese feel of the place. I only had something small as I had eaten some noodles before I went out, I had a side of chicken *something* age which resembled something like kfc fried chicken, well I guess the Japanese 'age' does translate to fried! Here we met up with the lovely Photographer Anne Laymond who took some awesome photos of us throught the day.
After lunch, Anne took some photos with us!
The gang ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ
All credit goes to Anne Laymond, here's the album on facebook;
Agepoyo!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
After taking photos in Chinatown we went for bubble tea at Bubbleology. I've never been to this place and it's got a unique scientific feel there but I prefer the bubble tea at Boba Jam. I had the strawberry tea which tasted a little strange in my opinion but I guess it's all personal taste.
Then we went to an arcade and played some games there, I played DDR, it was fun!
Shun and RivRiv <3

Jessica <3 on the ParaPara machine!
We then went to Japan Centre (one of my fave shops) and had a look at the gyaru magazines, my favourite is Egg but they had sold out >.< that issue had a cool d.i.a mirror. I also like Mens Egg now, thanks to Faust letting me have a look in his ^__^ I like the hentai!
Afterwards we went for coffee at Costa, I had hot chocolate!
Yum yum...
Gyaru spirit!
Me and my Boyfriend (´∀`)♡
It was pretty late so people had to go home </3 but I had such a lovely day with amazing people, I hope for there to be more meet ups like this in the near future!
I think I like the Gal lifestyle, it's all about having fun, expressing yourself, friendship, fashion and enjoying your life.

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