Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hand-made Lolita, chu octopus and bunny nails!

Bit of an odd title ^^ but couldn't think of what else to call this post as that's basically what it will be about! Lately I have been a bit creative and have been making things after a long time of not making anything, I really want to start regularly making things and even would like to start my own online shop. After searching for a Wa Lolita (yukata inspired lolita outfit) and being unable to find one, I decided to try and make my own, with the help of my lovely nan who is great at sewing. I got the materials from Hobbycraft which were not cheap and I even got my fabric in the clearance -_-; I think there was only 2.6 meters left of the fabric I wanted but thought I would make a whole dress from, silly me as I was unable to make a Wa Lolita outfit as they have sleeves!! So ended up making a skirt, obi belt, bag and headbow which I'm quite pleased with, here's some pictures....

I feel proud as this is my first outfit I've made. ^_-
For the top half I will use my Bodyline blouse and pink cardigan until I get more of the fabric and make the kimono-style top half!

Also here are some really cute octopus plushes I will be making more of, I call them chu octopus as their mouth looks like they're kissing! I'm thinking of customising them a bit and perhaps selling cos they're just so adorable...

chuuuu (*3*)

And lastly some nails I made...

Please mind that these are stuck on with blu-tac as I'm trying to grow my own nails!

Also when I went into London with my Boyfriend, I picked up an issue of Ageha magazine at Japan Centre! :3

It was very windy and raining heavy that day but still had a lovely time

Mata ne!

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