Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Gal highstreet co-ords

I thought I'd just do a quick post on some Gyaru style co-ords that I created using the UK high-street store New Look. Just to let you know, I'm in no way connected to the store or paid for advertising etc.
I have gone for a rocku inspired look for this coming autumn. Here is my first outfit!
This edgy outfit would be perfect for a day of shopping with friends but can be worn on many occasions. Stay warm with this cool furry leopard print coat!
And the next outfit...
Again this is a casual look, teaming a loose tassle poncho with bleached fur trim shorts. The accessories tie in with the rocku feel.
Next outfit...

This is more of a night time outfit but could also be worn in the day for a dramatic style. The 'point of fashion' here are the gold zip details which co-ordinate the outfit together. The shorts add a splash of colour.

And the last outfit...

 This outfit could also be worn in the evening, perhaps to a rock concert. The gold chain belt and gold spike bracelet make the co-ord more gal, whilst combining it with a dark rock edge.

And that's it! Hope you liked these outfits and got some ideas, just wanted to show you how easy it is to find Gal outfits on the high-street.
Here's a link to the New Look website; newlook.com but there are many stores which have suitable Gal clothing, just have a look!

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