Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hyper Japan and Hime style nails

Hey, so sorry it's been a while, please forgive me!! chuuu (*3*)

As you may know Hyper Japan expo starts this Friday ^^ and runs until Sunday, I will be attending on the Saturday dressed in Lolita. I can't wait to go and hopefully will meet with some other Lolita's and buy some nice things, oh and I'll take pictures and post them on here... hopefully they wont come out blurry like they usually do >.>
I'm really excited that Baby the Stars Shine Bright will have a stall there, I hope I can afford something and I'll also be watching the fashion show and traditional Japanese dance. I will also have to check out Tofu Cute's stall as they have such kawaii things, I want to buy it all!

Secondly, I'd like to show you some nails I made yesterday. They're hime style and they will go with my Lolita outfit for Hyper. They took me half an hour to make with some swearing included!

I call these.... 
Hime Bubble nails!
To make them I used short false nails and painted them pink with Nails Inc polish in Warwick Avenue, after they dried I applied a top-coat of Bourjois 1 Seconde purple glitter polish. I used basic nail glue to attach the pearls, crystals and bows, I hope to make more nail art designs as it's quite fun. =3

And I leave you with this lovely perverted video!


  1. the nails are beautiful! im so excited for hyper ^^

  2. super cute nails :)
    Now following your blog.

  3. Thanks girls ^^
    Following you also :)

  4. waaaaaaa the nail art is very beautiful *clap*