Friday, 23 December 2011


So I've been meaning to create a blog for some time now but just haven't got round to it... perhaps this can be like an early New Year's resolution! 

Maybe I should start by introducing myself, I'm Laura, 22 and from the UK. I really love lolita fashion and hope to blog about the style, amoungst other things. I also like some Gyaru and Visual kei style ^^ as you can probably tell I'm very much into Japanese fashion, in fact, I'm into the culture as well and am currently 'trying' to learn Japanese! I'm planning to attend a language school there sometime next year so hopefully I can become fluent or close to it as my dream is to one day work and live there... <3 

As for this blog, I will try to keep updated often and post topics such as hauls, reviews, fashion, thoughts, lifestyle and maybe even some cooking and baking. 

P.S I will be updating soon with a mini review. :)

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